Fredrik Callinggard

awarded | sensitive | uber-talented

Our most beloved swedish delight.


When Fredrik was accepted into film school at the age of twenty-one, he was already an experienced director with a series of self-created horror films under his belt. After three years education, Fredrik immediately dove into the world of music videos as a DP. These low budget productions offered him opportunities to learn new equipment and gain practical experience. He soon shot videos for talented acts such as Madonna, Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minouge, Nick Cave, and New Order. After his directorial success, he would later revisit cinematography to shoot new and interesting upcoming bands like The Arctic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, Zero 7, Brian McFadden, and Sugarbabes to name a few.

With experience in the music video industry under his belt, it was only natural to take the step to commercials. His first spot as a DP was a three minute long cinema ad for Vattenfall, a European energy company. Not only was it long but it also won the heart of the industry and the public. It was an instant success and had grand slams during the award shows in Sweden in 1998, launching Fredrik into the commercial world.

He became a full time DP shooting everything from Coca Cola ads to car commercials. He garnered international acclaim in 2000 when he shared the MTV Best Cinematography nomination with John Mathiesson for the Madonna music video “American Pie.” In 2001, he won best cinematographer in the Creative Arts Design Awards.

By then, he wanted to return to his original ambition- directing. Gradually, he started to direct projects while still working as a DP. Before he new it, he had directed one of Special K’s most successful ads ever. Shortly thereafter, he followed up with a ground breaking ad for Panadol. The ad was so successful that the assistant director went on a worldwide seminar tour discussing it. This truly showed that Fredrik knew what it took to create a compelling campaign.

During that period Fredrik earned awards from a lot of prestigious award shows and 2006 brought him the most notoriety as he was awarded the coveted Gold Lion at Cannes for his ad for IKEA. He was also yet again recognized as Best Cinematographer at the ‘06 New York Film Festival and his spot for Sportigan won the Gold and Bronze World Medal and later a Mobius award in the Humor category. His film “Hugging” for T-Mobile was short-listed at Cannes ’08 and Corningware “Float” won numerous platinum and gold awards in the USA including three silver Telly awards.

Fredrik recently completed an international airline campaign starring Kevin Costner and prepared both Coca Cola and Samsung for their ad in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He is still going strong this year with work for 7Up, Smirnoff and a host of other multinational brands breaking the airwaves.

Fredriks strongest point is his determination to break new boundaries, to go where no one has gone before. He is known for his ability to combine live action footage with heavy post in a way that makes his spots look very organic and emotional. He knows how to capture that moment no matter how hard it may seem.