Ben Dolphin

bold | beautiful | smart

Our expert for moving things.


Ben’s work combines art, science and advertising. A native New Yorker, he directs and shoots tabletop and live action TV Commercials on five continents including US. World renown for high speed liquids, he also shoots cosmetics, food, fashion, beauty, gold & diamond jewelry and pharmaceuticals.
A master of high speed and all effects driven visuals, he is accomplished in blending live action and CGI Elements. Ben, also a Certified Steadicam Operator, is highly experienced with Motion Control and advanced product and camera rigs. Additionally, he is a 3D/Stereo Imaging Specialist certified by Sony and Panasonic.
Ben’s work has won 2 Emmys, an Addy and a Silver AD&D award. His work is characterized by a powerful sense of energy and design in movement. His dance background as a choreographer influences his commercial work. He choreographs strong and subtle interactions between camera, talent, product and lighting. His work demonstrates a consistent level of quality and depth of experience in filming liquids only few can rival. He choreographs liquids for camera and elicits authentic performances from talent.

Ben also directs documentaries and dance films that have been featured in the Lincoln Center Dance on Camera Festival and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC.

He founded production company ARISING film & digital in NYC in 2008 to serve the US Market and regularly directs and produces several national campaigns featuring Live Action and Tabletop.
Capable of solving any problem on set, his commercials demonstrate a high level of artistry and execution. Using cutting edge techniques, his work is bold, beautiful and FUN!
He has also taught master classes in Choreography for Camera at NYU School of the Arts.
A list of international brands include Heineken, Miller, Budweiser, Asahi, Olay, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Kraft, Dove, Tylenol, Stella Artois, Aquafina, Brita, MTV, Coca Cola, Tropicana, and Firestone.